Surveys are easy - you are the specialist

Which of the following gadgets do you own? (Tick all that apply to your household)

This sort of survey question is invaluable in order to discover which technology is the most popular, and how many of these items people own. As well as being helpful for clients wishing to find out which gadgets are most widely used, it could also be a useful question to determine how people are browsing online. It could help to develop new technology, encourage mobile-friendly content or even help to design funky new accessories.

On average, how many times do you check your emails per day?

This may seem like a simple online poll question, but as technology develops the more we access email and other apps on the go. Recent surveys revealed that the first thing most UK adults do when they wake up is to check their email on their phones, so this will not only provide an insight into the behaviours of different age groups but will also be useful to companies wanting to advertise via search engines, send special offer emails, improve webmail functionality or increase network coverage.

How many children do you have?

Our paid surveys often include questions like this as it will more clearly indicate how you might spend your time off, consider attractions that you would be more likely to visit or to get an idea of where you may shop. It is a quick and easy online survey question that won't disclose any personal information but will ensure you are ideally tailored to a specific survey. There will always be an option for 'none' if you do not have children.